Why ORBERA® is right for your weight loss?

  1. ORBERA® is designed to provide people with a weight loss kick-start & regain a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Helps control hunger, bolster willpower, initiate lifestyle change & lose weight.
  3. ORBERA® - Uses the highest safety rated device available Is ideal for people who tried other weight loss methods & had minimal success.
  4. Clinically proven, supported programme. 


Dr Paul Froomes is a gastroenterologist board certified in colonoscopy, gastroscopy, general gastroenterology and hepatology. He studied medicine at Monash University and completed his specialist physician training with the Royal Australian College of Physicians at the Austin Hospital, Melbourne. He completed a post doctorate masters degree in liver disease at the University of Melbourne and has published many scientific research papers on cirrhosis and inflammatory bowel disease.

Dr Froomes has subsequently undergone further specialist endoscopy training in Sydney in advanced endoscopic techniques and additional specialist oesophageal physiology training in Adelaide. His areas of interest include liver disease, fatty liver, hepatitis, inflammatory bowel disease, reflux oesophagitis, swallowing disorders, colon cancer screening, hpylori, diverticulosis, peptic ulcer disease, Coeliac disease and irritable bowel syndrome. 

Dr Froomes is currently appointed as a visiting gastroenterologist at the Austin Repat Medical Centre and the Northern Hospital with private practice at Essendon Private Hospital, John Fawkner Hospital , Coburg Endoscopy Centre, Thomastown Consulting Suites and Bundoora Endoscopy Centre .

Dr Froomes is involved in hands on patient management in both public and private practice and participates in GP education programs and medical student teaching. He has been a college examiner in the past for the Royal Australian College of Physicians.

Paul Froomes is also the author of three action adventure novels.

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Your BMI is below 20. You may be perfectly healthy at this BMI, but if you have lost weight recently we suggest you visit your general practitioner for a check-up.

Congratulations your weight is in the ideal range. You do not need to consider a weight loss procedure.

You are overweight but not to a degree which is likely to lead to major medical problems. You may wish to consider an appointment with our Dietitian or consider use of the Orbera Intra Gastric Balloon.

We suggest a consultation to discuss your options.

You are significantly overweight and may be a candidate for a weight loss procedure, particularly if you have other problems such as diabetes and hypertension. Options include Orbera Intra-Gastric Balloon and LapBand.

We suggest a consultation to discuss your options

Your weight is now at a potentially dangerous level and you are at high risk of developing major conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, Stroke, Heart Attack and some cancers. Options include Lapband, Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy and Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass.

We suggest a consultation to discuss your options.